Axel Faure

Axel Faure

Student in Computer Science at the UTC

I am a French student in computer science. I am currently in my last year of studies as an engineer.
I am especially interested in low level programming and UNIX systems but I try to develop skills in various domains.

Download my resume : [pdf]

My skills

Thanks to my studies and experiences, I developped skills in computer science of course but also in other domains. Here are some of them. More are available on the "Skills" page of this website.

Technical skills

As a computer scientist, I am able to perform each part of the process leading to the creation (and follow-up) of a product. It includes conception and programmation (in many different languages such as C, C++, C#, Java, PHP, Prolog...). But it also includes systems management, real-time programming or computer security.

Other skills

Concurrently with my technical training, I also developped skills in many other domains. Some of them are closely related to engineering (such as project management) but others are more specific. Lately I studied communication and cognitive science for example.

Experiences and Projects

My studies, interships and also personal projects allowed me to put my skills into practice. During these projects, I could also get new skills and discover new technologies.
To know more about it go to my Projects and Experiences pages.

Professional experiences

I did two internships during my studies which allowed me to work on some big, real life projects. My first internship in Michelin company was close to industrial programming. The second, in Geneanet company, was about search engines and web programming.

Other experiences

As part of my studies or on my free time, I created some programming related projects. These project were usually meant to allow me to learn and start using new technologies or to explore limits of some already known technologies. What's more, during my studies, I also took part to associations related ton computer science (system management and programming mostly).